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Study of the Slavonic Apostolos Calendar: Linguistic Comments

Maria O. Novak


The research note reviews the second volume of Iskra Hristova-Shomova’s study, which focuses on the Old Slavonic tradition of the Praxapostle. It analyzes the typology and history of the menology and the synaxarion, the repertoire of Slavonic calendars, and their connections with various types of the Byzantine rite, as well as the language of the troparia. The author expands the number of handwritten and early printed sources as compared to the first volume. The core of the book represents synaxaria fragments, accompanied by linguistic-textual comments. Also, there is an extensive reference apparatus, including a Slavonic-Greek lexical index, lists of saints’ names, incipits of Slavonic troparia, and texts of Greek troparia in alphabetical order. The author of this research note discusses the possibilities of further linguistic analysis provided by the published material, and comments on some lexical and grammatical peculiarities of troparia.

DOI: 10.31168/2305-6754.2019.8.1.17


Apostle; calendar; church service; history; troparion; lexis


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