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Adi Sucipto News and Entertainment

Vol 2, No 2 (2013)

ISSN 2304-0785 (print)
ISSN 2305-6754 (online)

Editor-in-Chief: Fjodor B. Uspenskij
Managing editors: Alexander I. Grishchenko, Ekaterina I. Kislova, Roman N. Krivko
Technical editor: Tatyana O. Mayskaya
Literary editor, proofreader (Russian): Elena I. Derzhavina
Literary editor, proofreader (English): Claudia R. Jensen
Layout: Marfa N. Tolstaya
Design (2012): Igor’ N. Ermolaev

Signed for print 2013-12-19. Format 70 x 100 / 16. Volume 12.5 quires. Offset paper 80 g/m2. 300 copies. Printed in “Belyi Veter.” Shchipok str., 28, Moscow,

Full Issue

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Table of Contents


Neither BURGHER nor BARIN: An Imagological and Intercultural Reading of Andrey Stoltz in Ivan Goncharov’s Oblomov (1859) PDF
Joshua S. Walker 5-30
The Novgorod Antiphonal Psalters: Their Orthographical Peculiarities and Textological Significance PDF
Catherine Mary MacRobert 31-51
Two Short Glagolitic Graffiti in St. Naumʼs Monastery near Ohrid and in Hagia Sophia in Istanbul PDF (Русский)
Savva M. Mikheev 52-63
The Syriac Aḥiqar, Its Slavonic Version, and the Relics of the Three Youths in Babylon PDF
Basil Lourié 64-117
On the Syntax of Kožičić’s MISAL HRUACKI PDF (Hrvatski)
Ivana Eterović, Jozo Vela 118-142


Some Etymological Notes on the Russian Seminarian Slang: VZʺEFANTULITʹ, SMOROZITʹ, AKSIOS(Y) PDF (Русский)
Igor G. Dobrodomov 143-171
SlaVaComp Fonts Converter PDF (Deutsch)
Simon Skilevic 172-183


The Treatise on Names from the Nomocanon (Kormchaia) of the Kirillo-Belozersk Redaction PDF (Русский)
Elena V. Belyakova 184-198